Sunday, 20 November 2016

History of the Abel Tasman National Park

Who were the first people to live in the Abel Tasman National Park?
How did they live there?- what kind of houses/villages were there? what did they eat?
Who was Abel Tasman- why is the area called Abel Tasman?
When did he visit NZ?
Why is he important in our history?
What interesting things happened to him- what did he do that was interesting?

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Diary of a wimpy kid: cabin fever book review by Nathan

I read a book called diary of a Wimpy kid Cabin fever. It's a good book because its funny and a great book. I recommend it for people who like funny books. (o_o)

Monday, 7 November 2016

Diary of a wimpy kid : hard luck Reviewed by Hue

Diary of a wimpy kid : hard luck by Jeff Kinney

its a great book about a boy named Greg who has mean older brother a annoy little brother a a odd friend it has great drawing cool words silly people it is a great book : ]

The white kiwi

It is a book about a white kiwi that got lost in a forest at night . He had found a friend and he was a
morepork he was looking for food in the tree.  " Hey morepork come down here"   "Ok " "Would you help me get to my nest?" "ok"
I would give the book 7\10
By Riley H

Harry Potter read by Harry Stringer

I'm reading Harry Potter and the deathly hallows

it's about Harry, Ron and Hermione finding the last 6 horcraxes also Fleur and Bill get married! Harry Potter are a great series of books to read. And guess who becomes head master?! ....

The Silly Goat Gruff Reviewed by Holly

The silly goat gruff was funny because there was a goat that was skinny and boney and hardly had fur. There was a ugly, furious troll it had warts all over and a wrinkly face. The three goats gruff were called Willy, billy and silly. I've already said about silly [silly was the one at the first sentence ] now its Willy, willy is the smallest and the youngest , willy had brown and a wee bit of white and lots of light brown fur. Billy has white fur all over. The troll had green skin and a purple face, with sharp is so awesome you should READ IT. by Holly